September 20, 2009

Ezzy Like A Sunday Morning

I registered with to be an online contributor of articles and fortunately I passed. It took me a year though to contribute a couple of articles. Before my first contributions, I was lost on what topics to choose and how to write them so I just looked and looked at the open assignments posted by the bot named Ezzy. I contemplated on choosing some but I was always beaten to them every time so I wondered if I was still in the team or not for having no contributions for a year; nay, no contributions at all since I was accepted.

Then I chanced upon an assignment that wasn’t being taken. It had been lying there for days. I was tempted to get the assignment but I thought I’d give it a few more days to see if it would be taken. A few more days came to pass and it hadn’t been taken. I grabbed it, wrote about it, submitted it…and viola, my first points. I was encouraged and took in another assignment and piled up some more points.

The points have to be submitted or contributed as per instructions to a bot named Ezzy in order to convert it to cash and automatically pay me through the medium that I have opted to.

More than a week passed and I was still waiting to be paid. I posted my predicament in the forum hoping that a staff would take notice and would take action. I included in my post that as instructed I contributed my points to the bot, Ezzy.

The reason why I did not get my pay was because I contributed to the bot which posts the assignments. There are lots of bots in with specific duties and they are all named Ezzy’s. What distinguishes them from one another are the different sets of numbers after their name Ezzy. I thought there was just one Ezzy.

I contributed my points to the salary bot, Ezzy and I finally got paid. I learned that it’s not just Ezzy like a Sunday morning but lots of Ezzys covering the mornings of Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, etc. Want to meet the Ezzys? Go to and help me to confirm too if there are Ezzys in the afternoons and evenings as well and feel Ezzy like a Sunday morning.


Hello world!

September 14, 2009

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